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Heidi Watney Joins MLB Network

Heidi Watney, the former NESN Red Sox reporter will be heading to the MLB Network as a studio host and reporter, the network announced on Monday.

Watney confirmed this on her Twitter saying:

and later thanking her fans...

Heidi, best known for her work as the Boston Red Sox on field reporter, as well as host of “The Red Sox Report” and “The Ultimate Red Sox Show” all broadcasted by Red Sox station NESN, left NESN in 2011. She was to become a sideline reporter for Time Warner Cable Sports in Los Angeles for Lakers games. However, before even getting a chance to do one game, she left in September of 2012. It's unclear exactly why she left, however some sources have indicated it was due to the Lakers being upset that Watney was hired and the news became public before the Lakers were informed, which upset the team. Time Warner Cable Sports released the following statement. “Heidi Watney and Time Warner Cable Sports have reached an agreement that allows Heidi to leave the organization to pursue other opportunities....Both parties entered into their original agreement some months ago with the best of intentions, but as Time Warner Cable Sports has evolved toward its official launch, the talent needs of the network have been altered. ”

This left Heidi open to pursue new avenues, and perhaps get her back to her baseball roots. Enter the MLB Network, which made the announcement on Monday of her joining the team. Heidi will be joining other Boston favorites including Peter Gammons, Mike Lowell, and Kevin Millar, all who are in-studio analysts. In a statement released by Watney she said, “I’m extremely excited to return to baseball by joining MLB Network’s on-air talent lineup. Baseball is a true passion of mine and I’m looking forward to covering all 30 MLB clubs 365 days a year." Did you know we were this close to having Hazel Mae and Heidi Watney on the same channel? Hazel joined the MLB Network after leaving NESN - but now she's back to her baseball roots, broadcasting in Canada.

Heidi is expected to join the Network in January 2013.

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